my story

In this page, I just want to introduce myself through my life story, and it will be written according to what I regard as life-defining inspirations.

I was born in Malang, a city in East Java. In this city, I spent the first 18 years of my life. I see Malang as a cold and quiet city, with an enormous hidden energy well covered by its exterior appearance. Through various stories about this city, people will find a multi-faceted personality of the city; and in the way I see it, the soul of the city is not as tranquil as it seems. It has hidden potentials and is waiting for the right moment to become known. I’m grateful to have my family, from which I learned what is essential about striving in life. My parents, especially, provided me a strong foundation for striving to my best, to live to the fullest. All of these pave my way of life: Life is about living your potentials!

The best thing I ever met in school was biology. In fact, my fond of biology might have been grown since my pre-school years. I found my experiences around biology inspired me of what would be my life calling. Then, as most people who love biology did, I was thinking about medical school for my bridge into the future. What happened then? As some people love to say: Nothing really worked out as planned.

The 1997 -1998 economic crisis, social turmoil and political reform came into the history of people’s life in Indonesia. While some people chose to contain themselves in secure ways of living and avoid any risky actions; I found myself questioning whether my belief of what should be my future is the true calling of my life. This question brought me back to my indulgence in learning biology; and I realized that it was the living energy of natural system that created my ecstatic feelings. It was my vigilant curiosity about how living things continue to strive through different patterns of survival that gave me the most passionate moments in my life. All these reflections set my eyes to a new outlook: The art of survival through crisis.

Thus, the survival to economic crisis introduced me to a new path: industrial and organizational psychology. And yes, as the story went on, I found this path as alive as biology.  I graduated with a degree in this field in 2003; and then I started to work as a university lecturer as well as a trainer and consultant in human resource management. I did start my early work on OD, even though it was not yet as intensive as now. The first 3 years of my work life laid down a foundation for my professional life, and it propelled me to a new chapter: My Fulbright scholarship on 2007.

In the USA, I started to craft my professional life in a way that fully inspired by my life calling. It was also the time where I started my married life in a country in crisis. It is always interesting for me to think that I went through my college years when Indonesia was in crisis, and then I went through my graduate school years when USA was in crisis. In USA I observed that no matter how enormous, advanced and affluent an organization is; its fate lies on the people who run it. Somehow I think that my school years, crises and my interest in organizational development were not just coincidentally related; they happened in purpose. This was when I fixed my eyes to what life calls me: the art of developing our organizations into the future.

It was also in the USA , I started my family life with Felicia. Quite in the contrary of me, she is right-brain artistic person who speaks through pictures, music and poetry. As a photographer and violinist, she teaches me how to see the art of life. Her works gives me a full frame picture about life (you can find her links in my sidebar). Through our shared experience, I find myself complete. Thanks for the love we shared so far, and for many years to come.

So, here I am, with my passionate interest on organizations as a living entity. This story has led me to my current professional life in organizational development. It helps me introducing to various organizations how invaluable OD is for their capacity, creativity and sustainability. And hopefully, this will lead to more vibrant and interesting new chapters!






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    • Hi Rovien, thanks! Glad to meet and discuss here.
      I’m sure we can share many things about organizational change and development.
      Please feel free to join into any discussion in this blog.

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