my work and services

Basically, as a change strategist, I develop strategy for organizational change and development process. In organizational development (OD) process, I’m a designer and as well a facilitator.

As an OD process designer, I design processes where constructive change can be a possibility for organizations. As an OD facilitator, I facilitate the implementation process of that possibility into a real organizational capacity  improvement. I provide specific supports for people in organizations in their process to improve their capacity, personally and collectively.

To make it simple, here are the fields or areas I have passions and relevant competencies to contribute:

Good corporate governance & development of constructive organizational politics

Human capital development

Quality and systemic continuous improvement

Strategic planning and stakeholders engagement

Organizational creativity and innovation

Organizational capacity building

Business ecosystem development and collaborative marketing

If you are interested for more details, check my LinkedIn profile .


4 responses to “my work and services

  1. Hi James,

    Thank you for sharing your blog! I particularly liked the entry that talked about the question regarding whether or not having a well-defined plan naturally leads to achieving the predetermined goal(s). As you can imagine, I don’t believe a plan always stays the same. Hopefully along the process you are receiving feedback and then adjusting the plan if necessary. I believe the real goal is to create something relevant, rather than to just complete the original plan.

    BTW – I like how clearly you have stated who you are, what is important to you, and what you do.

    Take care,

  2. Hi, James.

    several week ago someone told me that in business or working we have to see the process rather than the result.
    He said that if the process walked good, it will guide us to the good result..

    but if we put a lot of attention to the result, in the end, we will stuck at the position or whatever we wanted in the first and it will not make people achieve higher position or money or whatever he or she wanted in the begining he or she started the business.

    I want to know what your think about the argumentation that I heard, is that true or maybe u have your own thought about the result n the process???

  3. Thanks, Andes! It is a question people love to ponder on, debate on, and got frustrated by it… ; )

    Process and result….. what an amazing paradox, isn’t it? I think it is inescapably important to examine our own perspectives on the two. I personally think that result is the reason why process exists. And, process is the only thing that define whether a result can be an existence, or not. To get to the result, we have to go into the process. To go into the process, we have to know what we want to achieve, or at least what we want to achieve in the first place.

    For me, two of them are remarkably relative to each other; and that is the nature of a paradox. Therefore, I would say that this is about ‘process AND result’, rather than ‘process OR result’. There are many stories telling about people who focused either only in the process or result, and they felt they were wrong. Hence, some say result (performance indicator, target, etc.) is more important than process (procedures, habits, etc.); and some others say it is the opposite. For me, it is very important to examine the integrity of the connection between process and result, as they both are inseparable.

    It is true that good process will lead us to good result, but it may not what we believe as a good result in the first place; it may not the ‘good’ result we want when start the process. This is where creativity is possible, and there are plenty of stories about success that emerged from unintended results.

    Nevertheless, being clear about what we want to achieve is never less crucial. We need to know the value from the result we are expecting, so we know how to adjust it based on the situation and still gain the similar value, or even better.

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