It goes beyond patient zero

In endemic situation of a new type of disease, the first person infected is often known as patient zero. The patient zero may travel, interact or engage in any kind of situation that enable a physical transfer for the disease to the next person, or next several persons. We have a similar situation in the […]

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Post holiday hitch

Many of us now are in the process of leaving the holiday and going back to the old routine of life. With caution, I would like to precisely pointing out that leaving the holiday is about going back to what we are expected by the society, and leaving a large part of freedom to become […]

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Few days ago, I read something in Fast Company that suggests that happiness is genetics. It is based on the curious research on Denmark as the happiest nation in the world, and the suggestion was the possibility that happiness is in our blood. What I am writing about here is not about happiness, or any […]

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