Time to wake up

This is the time, fellows. The time which we have hoped never to come, is here, now. Since the 70’s – 80’s, we all have dreamed for a global world that allows more possibility for everyone, where freedom will be widespread to all people. We dreamt that time, that world will be more connected, and the […]

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2017 dalam pandangan yang kabur

Tahun 2017 akan kita masuki, itu jelas. Tahun seperti apa 2017, itu tidak jelas. Donald Trump, Brexit dan trend pergantian kepemimpinan global tampaknya membuat arah dunia akan berbeda. Tapi tidak jelas berbeda seperti apa. Kita memasuki dunia dimana tema-tema populer di dalam dua dekade terakhir, yang tampaknya sangat penting bagi dunia, mungkin menjadi tidak lagi penting. […]

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A powerful design

Will Mark Jacobs be as famous as we know today, had he not design for Louis Vuitton’s brands? Had Ferdinand Porsche’s work for Volkswagen did not end up with the iconic beetle, will there be Porsche? Steve Jobs’ work at Apple is formidable, primarily indebted to Jobs’ strong determination on product design. In all design, […]

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