Where is the waste?

Waste is the best indicator of how healthy a business is. Sometimes it is even better indicator than any business report. Why? Because in any business that are running good, all resources available must be optimised and none left to be wasted. In some cases, all business reports looks good, but waste still exist. In those cases, reports were made well, but not necessarily showing the true picture of the business as when real check will still find waste.

Therefore, the less the waste the better the business is.

The tricky thing about waste is that waste is not always physical waste, but also the waste of time and waste of capability! All of these you can easily find in daily operations, for examples:

    A waiter in a restaurant who is just standing and not responsive or not even paying attention all the tables… is a waste.
    Employee with skill that is not used…. is a waste.
    Relax time that can be seen outside breaks…. is a waste.
    A long endless meeting with no clear decision… is a waste.
    A great concept that is not put on trial…. is a waste.
    A standard that is not enforced in daily work…. is a waste.

And a management process that is not reducing waste….is also a waste. Hence, a good management can be seen from how much waste have left.

Any thoughts?

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