Where is the waste?

Waste is the best indicator of how healthy a business is. Sometimes it is even better indicator than any business report. Why? Because in any business that are running good, all resources available must be optimised and none left to be wasted. In some cases, all business reports looks good, but waste still exist. In […]

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The age of smiley

  We are entering a new age. A new age where millennials is taking over, and baby boomers is at their dawn. It is a time where digitalization is everywhere in almost everything. It is the time where boring numeric indicators are being replaced by visual graphic, where verbal written information is replaced by video […]

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Pasal karet dalam job description

Job description adalah alat kalibrasi aktivitas dalam sebuah posisi di dalam organisasi. Jadi, job description yang efektif haruslah operasional, bukan konseptual, dan harus bisa spesifik. Adanya poin ‘karet’ dalam job description akan membuat akuntabilitas kinerja posisi tersebut menjadi tidak jelas. Dan, ketidakjelasan operasionalisasi job description menunjukkan lemahnya dua hal penting: manajemen proses kerja dan leadership.

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