Mencetak budaya?

Kebiasaan dan budaya kerja yang baik mengantar pada organisasi dan hasil kerja yang bagus. Sebaliknya kebiasaan dan budaya kerja yang tidak baik membawa hasil dan dampak buruk. Tapi kuncinya adalah bagaimana kebiasaan dan budaya terbentuk. Akan terbentuk baik apabila ‘cetakan’ atau ‘mould’ nya bagus. Dan tentu, sebaliknya juga sama. Cetakan atau mould ini terletak pada bagaimana […]

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Use that space!

Technology today provide us a way to store memory……much more memory……outside our brain. That means our brain has more capacity to for more important thing than memorising, which is understanding. Then, it is imperative to use our brain for getting better understanding on things. Surely we don’t need to wait another technology to be able […]

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Managing upward

If I ask you, what will be the most attractive position you would like to achieve? I guess most of your answer will vary from CEO to other fancy executive positions. Could also be at least senior manager positions or senior specialist positions. Some of you will choose to become successful entrepreneur, which basically another […]

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