Don’t kill your best driver!

Have you watched James Mangold’s Ford v Ferarri?

If you haven’t, then I suggest you watch it, and read this later. And yet, it is all up to you whether you will heed my advice or not … ha ha….

Well, seriously, it is entirely up to you whether you will take my suggestion or not, as you are the owner of your decision and no one else.

And in business, this means even more so.

Business is about decision, and when you own or leading a business, your decision is about almost everything. This is one of the arch message from the story about Caroll Shelby and Ken Miles, and the game they were in with Ford and Ferrari. Ford beat Ferrari when they have Shelby and Miles with them. But it is their decision that pushed Miles aside, and made McLaren their champion.

The rest of the history we can easily find. Shelby made his own name, and Ford never able to make champion car or champion title anymore. McLaren left and make his own name in racing world, as most of us know today, in the same league where Ferarri is famous for. Furthermore, Iacocca left and made his name in other automotive company, where he made historical achievement known till today.

Ford lost their best drivers, literally and figuratively, as their key people left them due to the decision Ford made on that final race. A decision that ‘kills’ their best driver.

The thing is, you must never kill you best ‘driver’ in your business. It will only inspire other good and potential best drivers to leave. Remember, a business is only as good as its best people.


Any thoughts?

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