Be steps ahead

  While we all likes win-win solution, there are many situations where winning is simply necessary. Winning is actually not about pushing other backward. It is about be steps ahead. Sometimes, way steps ahead. But please be aware that winning is not about how much you want to win. It is actually about whether you […]

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A design that happens

A dream is a vision. A vision is a design. If it is not a design, it is only nothing but words and imagination. A design is meant to happen. If it is not going to happen, it is nothing but idea that no one will see and feel. The difference between dreams that change […]

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In business, paradoxes are the source of gain and growth. One of the paradox is the team paradox, where strong and capable people are the key ingredients, but such people naturally prefer to work on their own. That is the challenge of every leaders and managers! Are you up for it?

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