Make way!

Seems like the world these days is a bit in panic …. isn’t it?

That is just what we often call as crisis.

Whether we have admit it as a crisis or not, that really depends on the state of denial we are in. Whether it is a negative or not, that really depends on how we decide to experience it.

But allow me to offer my piece on this: It is not a state of condition. Instead, it is just a way the existence renewing itself.

OK, I probably make it sounds too poetic and too philosophically fluffy. That was not the intention, not at all. All I am saying is that it is not a problematic condition to be solved, because it is simply a consequences of what ever happen before it.

So, it is not a condition that will soon end and we will go back to how it was before.

It is a global force that put the world, literally, into one of the most challenging set of social-economic paradoxes in the history:

  1. To avoid physical interaction as much as possible, but be more solid than ever to support each others
  2. To stop working at workplace and work at home as much as possible, but maintain the income so we can afford our livelihood through the crisis
  3. To be more efficient as much as possible and adapt to the slowing down economy, but keep people employed

And how in the real world we are going to do that?

I do not know the best answer for that.

But I do know that since it is not a crisis, we must now accept that the system is in a way restarting itself. And when a system is restarting, it works on its foundation first, its micro things that structured how it operates.

So, I guess, what we will see in this restarting:

  1. We adapt to live day by day, and see how it work out and evolves
  2. We run our economy from the basic of providing basic needs and economical transcation in micro units: our work team and people around us. It is really some kind of traditional or home products or service, provided to customer that is within reach.
  1. The digital world help us to virtually travel and communicate with anyone, but activities are only make sense to be done in local ‘cells’ where the people can actually work together. So the digital e-business is really how we connect different micro economic cells.

If this guess of mine is right…..actually it is not that bad….

It sounds like a new seeds of new way of living, that really feels moving and alive, rather than the seemingly stuck and exhausting global economy we have the last decade.

Well, come to think about it again, it is actually quite promising……. Isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Make way!

  1. I never thought of this is about restarting the system.

    Come to think of it, some time restarting is necessary when we installing new software or updating the system. Some restart come by force, or else the whole system will be broken.

    Using this restarting metaphore, then can I assume that we are now being installed with a new updates or new software?

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