Don’t kill your best driver!

Have you watched James Mangold’s Ford v Ferarri? If you haven’t, then I suggest you watch it, and read this later. And yet, it is all up to you whether you will heed my advice or not … ha ha…. Well, seriously, it is entirely up to you whether you will take my suggestion or […]

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The right fight!

Fight is a part of organizational life. As much as I appreciate the idea of ‘everlasting peaceful without fight’ organization, I say that it is to good to be true. This I’m sure is supported with a long history of ironical paradox: The fight for peace! Indeed. Fight is probably the most irreplaceable prerequisite for […]

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Politik gaji

“Berapa yang anda tawarkan?” Omongan ini biasanya terjadi dalam proses transaksi jual beli. Tapi di jaman sekarang, jual beli juga terjadi di pasar kerja, terutama pada mereka yang punya ketrampilan dan keahlian yang dibutuhkan dunia bisnis. Tidak lagi aneh kalau ada orang yang berani tawar-menawar gaji dalam proses wawancara perkerjaan. Gaji biasanya memang menjadi salah […]

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