OD di 2012 – Catatan pertama: New industrial relationship?

Sebagai appetizer awal tahun, saya ingin berbagi hal-hal yang tampaknya bisa menjadi hal yang menarik untuk dicermati di tahun 2012. Tentu ini terkait dengan OD, karena saya pekerja OD juga. Setidaknya, ada tiga catatan untuk 2012, dari kacamata seorang pekerja OD, dan ini adalah bagian pertama: New industrial relationship? Dunia baru dalam konteks hubungan industrial […]

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Roll it into 5D

In n post, ‘Put it into 3D‘, I wrote about how we put idea into action is what really matters. This post is the next thing to it. It’s about how to keep the idea matters for in a long shot. To put it simply, it’s a matter of making our idea into something with […]

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Movement. That’s all it takes to be alive. And yet, we tend to have a love and hate relationship with movement. When movement take us away from problem, we love it. When it takes away our complacency and put ourselves in uncertainty, we hate it. In organization, movement is a paradoxical aspect. It gives power, […]

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