Make way!

Seems like the world these days is a bit in panic …. isn’t it? That is just what we often call as crisis. Whether we have admit it as a crisis or not, that really depends on the state of denial we are in. Whether it is a negative or not, that really depends on […]

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Is it compatible?

Why cultural transformation is difficult? In many cases, the failure is rooted on the lack of acknowledgement on incompatibility of the existing culture toward the expected new culture. This is a fundamental driver that determines whether a change initiative will become a real transformation, or merely a rhetoric. In recently Surabaya’s Taman Bungkul case, Tri Risma, the Mayor […]

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transformation, not change

I have found in many cases where people want to control change. Or manage change, if you prefer a more soft term. Despite that change management is a widely accepted term, I think it is at least not practically correct. Some may argue that it is essentially incorrect, and I tend to agree on that. […]

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