New Year message: It is a very different game!

I am petrified with what today’s business landscape has evolved into.

We are entering a new age where artificial intelligence is coming to our life not in the form like humanoid robot, like what we saw in Terminator series. Instead, it takes form of applications in our communication tools, and covering almost every aspect of our life. It also takes form of algorithm system that analyse everything for us, slowly but inevitably taking over human analysis effort, in the name of efficiency and customer friendliness. Sarcastically speaking the truth, they are filling in the void created by our increasing laziness and salary cost.

While I have anticipated this for quite for some time, I admit that I am still surprised on how fast the evolution is going……or perhaps it is indeed a crawling revolution!

So, there are 3 areas that all businesses must immediately adopt:

  1. do they have a strategy toward business sustainability in the new era?
  2. do their people are primed and prepared to contribute in the new way of doing things?
  3. do their business process flow are setting up for the right capacity, that fast and resourceful, but very slim and agile?

Please note that these key areas are applicable to all types of business – they are not typical issues based on certain condition. Why? Because the revolution is a condition applicable to everyone!

Happy New Year from all of us in the Change Strategist!


Any thoughts?

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