Is it compatible?

Why cultural transformation is difficult? In many cases, the failure is rooted on the lack of acknowledgement on incompatibility of the existing culture toward the expected new culture. This is a fundamental driver that determines whether a change initiative will become a real transformation, or merely a rhetoric. In recently Surabaya’s Taman Bungkul case, Tri Risma, the Mayor […]

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transformation, not change

I have found in many cases where people want to control change. Or manage change, if you prefer a more soft term. Despite that change management is a widely accepted term, I think it is at least not practically correct. Some may argue that it is essentially incorrect, and I tend to agree on that. […]

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Are you sure?

Q: How can you be sure that this is the kind of work I want to do? A: No, I don’t. But I’m sure that I will find out along the way. That way I will know for sure, and it’s far better than just wondering about it.

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Taois dan colosseum

Apa gaya kepemimpinan dan manajerial paling populer di Indonesia sekarang ini? Saya berpendapat, ada dua gaya yang menonjol: ‘The taoist manager’ vs ‘The Colosseum democracy’. Kedua gaya tersebut mungkin tidak terdengar sesuai dengan teori textbook yang diyakini banyak kalangan yaitu domokrasi versus otoritarianisme. Saya pikir dikotomi ini memang klasik, tapi terlalu ‘hitam-putih’ dan tidak sesuai […]

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