A design that happens

A dream is a vision. A vision is a design. If it is not a design, it is only nothing but words and imagination. A design is meant to happen. If it is not going to happen, it is nothing but idea that no one will see and feel. The difference between dreams that change […]

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Useful, only if… they are faster than us

We live in the age of tools, where there are tools to improve everything. Well, almost literally everything. We want super sophisticated calculation for our tax, there is a tool for it. We want to beautify each of our teeth; there is a tool for it. We want to reshape our faces, there is a […]

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A powerful design

Will Mark Jacobs be as famous as we know today, had he not design for Louis Vuitton’s brands? Had Ferdinand Porsche’s work for Volkswagen did not end up with the iconic beetle, will there be Porsche? Steve Jobs’ work at Apple is formidable, primarily indebted to Jobs’ strong determination on product design. In all design, […]

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