Budak sang waktu

Hari – hari ini kita memasuki bulan penghujung 2013. Biasanya di bulan terakhir setiap tahun ini, sebagian dari kita merasakan kehidupan yang ‘dibanjiri’ oleh kesibukan penutupan tahun. Ada yang sibuk di pekerjaan terkait dengan tutup tahun, ada pula yang sibuk dengan sale akhir tahun yang bakal menjamur. Ada pula yang pusing memikirkan liburan anak-anak, atau […]

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The twist

Have you heard about Stockholm syndrome? Can you see how such a twisting dynamic also often happen before our very eyes? Let me share a story first. A couple had lived in a small studio apartment for some years, before finally moved into a small nice house of their own. In the new home, things […]

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The nomad souls

Have you ever think to exchange your life with others, at times when you think your life is so painful to bear? I’m sure most of you have done that. I’ve done it too. And I think it is fine, as it is natural to have jealousy over others’ on what we don’t have during […]

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