Capitalist vs Nationalist

Q: Are you a capitalist or a nationalist?
A: Why I can’t be both?

This is not new for me, but it made me think deeply for the last few days…….

2 thoughts on “Capitalist vs Nationalist

  1. My answer is this: you can’t be a pure capitalist and a nationalist at the same time. It is a contradiction. What you can really do is this; be a capitalist, get a highest profit possible, and dedicate a big part of this profit for nationalist activities that empower surrounding society (Indonesian society). So the profit is a means to an end (nationalist goals). What do you think?

    1. Hahahaha….yes, I don’t believe there is pure nationalist or pure capitalist. There can be extremist for both, but neither can do better than a nationalist capiltalist. That’s what I see form you opinion.
      The following question is more intriguing, though. How should we define nationalits in this era of internationalization?

Any thoughts?

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