Cut the crap!

There are times we enjoy the adventure of the mind through the sky full of ideas

jump into the ocean of words, imaginations and expressions

float in the promise of hopes and the prevailing wishes

To have all of these, though not many realize, is a luxury

to be able to work with all of this is creativity

to create something out of these gives us joy and serenity

Yet, ideas are reality awaits to be materialize

imaginations are treasures to be found

expressions are events to be experienced

None of them is really there

when they are not done

when they just what they are

They need to falls into our lives

they need to become surface we can touch

they need to become the air we can breathe 

They need to become something real

exist in movement, actions and living history

just like we know the beauty of a poet by listen to it

To be heard by others

to be done by how we live our life

to be felt by how the world experience them

When we have them

let’s make something out of them

make them happen, get them done

that, my friends, is the ‘Cut the crap’ philosophy!


Any thoughts?

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