I have nothing but time!

How often you think that you need more and more time?

I guess for most people, the answer will be fairly often. Time is money, some said. It is valuable, because it is limited. It is scarce. This thought of time scarcity, as immense as it seems, is a ‘bug’ in our working life. Perhaps for some people, this is unresolvable.

I’ve been thinking about this for sometimes. I do. I feel curious and anxious at the same time, as society taught us that time is money. Yes, it is money, because it is valuable, and it is limited. It is in scarcity. We heard that million times already. But, is it really true? Do we really have less time than what we suppose to have?

The fact is, this is more of an excuse. This excuse can be found in work setting, or even in many aspects of our life. It is perhaps one of the most popular and effective excuse to avoid doing something.

Well, whether it is an honest excuse or not, this can’t be the truth. Why?

I say that time availability is rather a relative account, than a clearly calculated one. Often times, the situation is that we think we don’t have time, or, we feel we don’t have enough time. In some cases, some of us perhaps even believe that time is so limited and we will never have enough, even though we have everything else. We think, feel or believe that we are lacking of time; in comparison to so many things we want to meet in a subjectively designed time frame we set for ourselves.

Yes, it is subjectively designed time frame. Hence, 50 years may not enough for you who dreamed for so many things in life, but fabulously plenty for me who wants less.

I say, the truth is that we always have time. It may not exactly now, but we always have time as long as we still alive. All the things we have in our life can leave us before we die. We can lose our money, property, friends, or even family before we die. We may lose our confidence or our reputation, but as long as we still alive and breathing; we still have time.

We may lose our house, friends, or even reputation; but if we still have time, we can get them back. We may lose everything in life, but time is always with us as long as we still alive. Time is probably the only possession we truly have in our life, and it gives us enough possibility to get anything we want in life.

What is actually happen when we said that we have no time is that we are not willing to spend some time for it. Or, we are just too impatient to trust the process. It can also be that we are just to greedy, and want too many at the same time. This is what often happen in our working life, as well as our private life. The real problems is whether we really consistent by making ourselves available for whatever we want to have in our life. If we want to do something in our work, than we have to make ourselves available. If we want to have something in our life, than we use our time to actually live it and take every step through it.

Time scarcity exists in a relativity of how we live our life. Time is always available as we walk through the path of life. If we make it available, than it will be there. If there is anything in our life that is actually ours, then it should be time. Therefore, I would always remind myself, that I have nothing but time!


4 thoughts on “I have nothing but time!

  1. As a student, we almost always make this as our habit…”I’ve not enough time to do the assignments”, “the time is so fast, n we haven’t do anything! Why just 24 hours in a day”, or etc…
    Selalu protes, protes dan protes…tapi, pas keluar nilai NAS…”Looohhh…kok gini…so naive”

    I’ve read this article and realized 2 things, “kita yang malas2n n akhirnya waktu abis…or…kita yang telalu punya ekpektasi (let’s say, perfectionist) tinggi trhadap sesuatu…

    1st “halah, nanti aja deh, kan masih ada waktu” – called procrastinator
    2nd “gileee, gw belum selese padahl besok kmpul jm 3…(Tapi senyatanya uda selese, hanya saja dia telalu pengen somthing more n more to be perfect – called perfectionist.

    Yang pertama itu uda penyakit internasional, dimana mana, kayaknya uda jadi buaya deh procrastinator itu…sedangkan yg kedua, kaum religi or rohaniwan sering menggunakan istilah “kamu gak suka bersyukur sih…”Haha

    Tapi yang jadi pertanyaan,;what’s next???still or move on? If move on to be better, how to sustain???…time can’t wait for us..,nice one, sir…\^.^/

    1. Hehehe….I guess it is a matter about being honest to ourselves 🙂
      Terutama soal sejauh mana kita memang serius berusaha mencapai yang kita mau. Kalau memang mau, ya tentu perlu berusaha, dan selalu ada waktu untuk itu selama kita masih hidup.

      Dan seperti katamu, perfeksionis yang tidak bisa menerima bahwa apapun perlu proses….atau malas dan memang nggak sungguh-sungguh serius ingin mencapai yang diinginkan. I hate to say this, but at the end of the day, it is about ourselves, not something external 🙂

  2. Agree..
    and for me, that’s all about priority..
    bcoz though we always have time as long as we alive, we will never get back our time (though we can get back another things).

    Maybe it is more fit to say that “I have time but I’m afraid to spend my time for something wrong (or something that not inline with my life purpose)” instead of “I don’t have time”.

    1. Yes, Pin, it is about afraid and worry on spending time….which is not really a good reason, I think.
      Whether we sepnd out time appropriately or not, it is all depend on how we do it. It is not something we can find out until we actually doing it, and if we do it correctly, it will be always useful.

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