A powerful design

Will Mark Jacobs be as famous as we know today, had he not design for Louis Vuitton’s brands? Had Ferdinand Porsche’s work for Volkswagen did not end up with the iconic beetle, will there be Porsche? Steve Jobs’ work at Apple is formidable, primarily indebted to Jobs’ strong determination on product design.

In all design, there is power in it. Most likely, that power exists inherently in the designer’s personality, enable the person to come up with a design that matter. A design that is powerful.

What is a powerful design, really?


A design is powerful, when it makes people believe in it.

Louis Vuitton (LV), and Marc Jacobs, both have powerful design because their customers have strong belief in their design. Might not be exactly similar in the case of Porsche and Apple, but they follow the same pattern. The design evokes a belief in people’s mind; and that is what makes it powerful.

This inspiration from the product design world also applies in many other lines of design, including designing process, mechanism, activity or program; and even designing an organization.

A process or mechanism will only work at its best when the people who do it really believe on the design of that process. An organization’s structure design will only work well when the people in the organization hold a strong belief in the design, as they are operating within it.

If they don’t truly believe the design, they will not act according to the design. As such, the design is no more than a drawing on paper.

The power of the design is on how it convinces people to believe it.

Therefore, a good designer possess a couple of prominent features in creating a design:

  • The ability to materialize a design that attracts and influences people; to provoke them, to challenge them, and to make them notice the design
  • The ability to convince their aficionados to hold a strong believe in the design, that the design is undeniably aesthetic and uniquely exceptional

Indeed, designing is obviously not just logical process, but much of a larger and somewhat aesthetic and creative one. Thus, the design is always a reflection of the designer personality, quality and ability, which mixed into one creative construction.


And only those that make people believe in them, are powerful.





2 thoughts on “A powerful design

  1. Pak, question… Powerfull Design influence the designer PQA (Personality, Quality, Abbility); or PQA’s Designer influence his design to be powerfull, or both influence each other?

    Berkaca dari Steve Jobs, design product2 apple ciamik (meski literally bukan dia yg design menurut versi filmnya), PQA nya pun keren…apakah itu saling mempengaruhi atau gmn?

    Yg aku nangkep dari Steve Jobs, designnya mantap, PQA keren, and he got passion on it…

    1. Kalau menurutku, desain hanya bisa powerful apabila itu mencerminkan personality, quality dan ability yang solid dan kuat dari desain itu sendiri. Jadi desain itu seperti sebuah karakter hidup yang membuat orang2 meyakininya. Nah soal si desainer atau si pemilik ide mempengaruhi, atau sebaliknya, keduanya bisa. Both the desain and the people associated can influence and inspire one another.

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