The chess, the jester and the patron


Differentiate them, and they will notice the gaps

Separate them, and then they will find the drive to survive and compete

Pull them back together, then they will learn how to conflict and how to agree

Then let them work on so many things, so they will demand everyone to contribute

And the fouls and leeches will surface, for you to clean them

These, my friends, are the chess we have to play


Photo on 11-22-15 at 5.30 PM edit


Jesters are everywhere

Some are meant to be there so you can have a break for a little laugh

Some are just lousy fellows you can live without

Some are cunning sinister hiding as a fool

Make sure you know which one is which




We live to serve the patrons who know less than us

They do not know how to govern, but they have the vote on who should govern

They do not know how to provide, but they have money to pay what we provide

They do not know how to do what we can do best for them, but they for sure have the say whether they want us or not

Knowing what we can do best does not make us more powerful than those who don’t. That’s why some say, the customer is always right. Some others say, vox populi vox dei.







Any thoughts?

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