The right mix of the greedy ones

Mou is leaving Chelsea (again). Van Gaal is on the crossroad with MU. Dramatic, perhaps, but not unexpected.

It is not surprising, and not only in professional football. It is pretty much a reality in many kind of business.

The thing is, a team that gets result is not about a group of intelligent people, really. It is about a gathering of those who can use their brain in useful way – together. It is not so much about emotional intelligence either, but more of personalities who can fit in with each other, and know how to behave depend on the situation.

Needless to say, it is not about getting all the smartest and most skilled people in one field. It is about the list of names who actually can play together. A great coach, a smart captain with all smart players do not always guarantee a good result. In fact, it rarely does.

Skill and experience sounds important, but those are not the ones we can’t live with. It is about the ones with skill but willing to play along with other, and the ones with experience and still willing to be coached.
The pretty simple irony is, humility is a factor here.


To add more to the mix of irony here, I think we do not need motivational session to get the business done. We just need people who can be motivated by their self-drive – and what I meant here is greed.

We need greedy people, but those with manageable greed. Those with too much greed will crash the game before the score is set. Those who lack of greed usually have less self driven energy and ambition. We need that ‘animalistic’ urge at just about the right proportion, to get the right level of energy to get things done. In some cases, also to make the impossible become possible.

Greed, like it or not, leads to desire to get to something.


Once we have compatibility and desire on the list, and we have the real mix. Isn’t a bit funny that the right mix is a group of greedy people who are humble enough to fit with each other? It is like chemistry of explosion; whatever it creates when they get together is magnificent.

That is all about it for today.


Any thoughts?

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