Two notes from Les Bleus victory

World Cup 2018 is over ….. and we have a new champion.

But, this World Cup is quite special, as the champion team is one of few strong teams that rely on team strategy, rather than rely of one or two star players.

Les Bleus, the French team, together with teams from England and Belgium – are teams with young players with no big stars dominating the spotlight. We can see the contrast comparison with how Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo play the role in their team. These new young teams really show how they win as united eleven players guided by strategy. In Les Bleus, we can see how Olivier Girourd and Paul Pogba play as team players, despite the star reputation they already have build on their own. Kylian Mbappe, the names everyone are talking about, also still holding himself to play as part of the team.

This is the first note we can learn from this team: It is not about the star talents or big names, that guarantee success.

The second note is on how Les Bleus executes its strategy. We have seen this new champion team deployed a very effective strategy, to make sure they win even though by slim margin of goals. In fact, their control over the ball in most of their games are always lower than their opponents. The strategy is focusing on winning, and showing control and lots of goal attempts are only when they are necessary. At the end of the game, winning is winning.

Didier Deschamps taught us that effective winning is what matters, and strategy must be for winning, and everyone must fully commit to that strategy.


Any thoughts?

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