We do things, but we don’t know why we do it
We see, but we don’t observe
We read, but we don’t comprehend
We hear, but we don’t listen

We speak of things, but do they resonate to others?
We declare promises, but do we accountable for those promises?
We apologize for our wrongdoing, but do we learn not to repeat them?
We evaluate things, but do we reflect upon them?

We hail heroes and sages, but we don’t follow their courage and wisdom.
We say hi to people, but we don’t connect with them.
We say we agree, when we actually are afraid to lose people we want to differ with.

We have so many teachers, and yet, more students are illiterate.
We have more medicines, and yet, more people live in sickness.
We have so many initiatives, and more people are left behind.

More money we earn, and more consuming we do.
More friends we have, less attachment we have.
We have more lights, and life is less enlightened.
We seek for affluence, but we don’t really sure how to live well.
We attend parties, but we shy away from happiness.

We argue that we do things for life….but could it be that we live for doing things?

We breathe…..but do we live?

Some people do live, though……



Any thoughts?

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