Roll it into 5D

Dice five
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In n post, ‘Put it into 3D‘, I wrote about how we put idea into action is what really matters. This post is the next thing to it. It’s about how to keep the idea matters for in a long shot. To put it simply, it’s a matter of making our idea into something with sustainable value.

So, here is the second part. Roll it into 5D : Deploy – Dispatch – Deliver – Devote – Distribute!

In this post, let’s discuss on the last two: Devote & Distribute.

Devote ourselves on what we do, be clear with our intention

Devote ourselves and be intentional on what we do. This is what some people often call as having faith on the process.

Some see devotion as somewhat spiritual and abstract concept. That’s not the definition I’m referring to in this post. Devotion is about being fully aware and intentional about our action. This, as much as it sounds easy to us, is no way a simple task to do. In fact, it is much easier to find ourselves doing some random errands here and there, this and that.

Yes, it’s easier to do things we are not fully aware of, and not sure why we are doing it. With such attitude of ignorance, we feel some sort of ‘freedom’ from responsibility and accountability. Most people believe that they can’t be held accountable for things they aren’t sure of and are unaware of. Being unaware and unintentional is a way out from being responsible, just like when we do things when we got drunk. .

A simple way to put in words, we put the blame on the inability to be aware and intentional. We enjoy the state of being ignorant and irresponsible. Just like some people say, ignorance is a bliss.

But, this is not the way to make our idea valuable and sustainable. To increase the value of our idea and action, we need to make sure we are clear with our intention on having that idea and its corresponding action.

Distribute the ownership of the idea, action and the corresponding consequences

Once we are fully devoted to our idea, and to what we are going to do about it, comes the next thing: How to sustain it?

Sustainability is in the hands of many. Collective sense of belonging and the dynamic of common interest are two sides of the same coin we call sustainability. It may need few people, or even one person, to hatch a valuable idea; but more people are needed to turn it into action. When it comes to how we can sustain it, we are talking about more and more people.

The thing is, more people usually more problems. Some said, three is crowd, and therefore, more than three is catastrophe.

I will not deny it. More people means more perspectives in more complex dynamic. However, I don’t think avoiding this complexity is one way to sustain things, particularly in the world where complexity is inevitable.

I believe, the best way to deal with complexity is through distributing ownership of ideas and actions. One way to say it, we can see our idea and its corresponding actions sustain, when more and more people share the same commitment to that idea and in putting that idea into actions.

Please be advised on this: I’m not talking about merely socialization. I’m referring to involvement of more and more people as the champion of the idea. This is about constructing a collective understanding about the idea and the intention of having that idea implemented in sustainable action. This is beyond making a presentation slide for socialization in the conference room.

The popular terms around this are sharing, learning and collaborating.

For this, I have a note we all should ponder on. Most of us grew up in the atmosphere where personal control on things are the main thing. Sustainability seems require us to learn how share and less relying on personal control. This, I believe, is our biggest challenge in distributing ownership and creating sustainability in such a complex world.

So, let’s have our idea embracing the new world complexity, and roll it into 5D!


2 thoughts on “Roll it into 5D

  1. I think you mean that we have to find a way to make our ideas contagious. Well, I think there are several ways; like pay attention to little “detail that matters” (small change can lead to big things), innovate new and exciting ways to communicate not just our products, but our values, and perseverance in the midst of difficulties. Your “5D” can intertwine with this principles.

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