Dreams and the world

One day, someone said this to a friend:

Every time I  see through the window of my mind, I see my dreams fading away. It seems that what people often say is true, dreams are only for children. As I’m growing up, I will have to accept that my dreams are not realistic enough for the world.

This was the friend’s response:

Really? Do you ever think that there are still more realities in the world you need to see? I think, you just need to find out more about the world, and you’ll see a perfect place for your dream in it!

Perhaps, it’s not our dream that is not realistic. It’s our worldview that needs to be stretched…..


8 responses to “Dreams and the world

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  2. I think what we dream is not realistic Sir, but if we write our dream and find maybe do one by one we can say yeah this is my dream and my dream is realistic.
    I really believe for my future, it’s started from my dream Sir.

    What do you thing Sir?

    • If that so, Janice…..it still sounds that our dream is essentially the reality….. 🙂
      Like you said, dream is not realistic, but dream is the starter of your life reality. It even sounds that by writing and materializing your dream, you create your life and future.
      If I got what you said correctly 🙂

  3. Reality is the things that had been exist. Everything that not yet exist we called it as unreal. This is the formula that we believed during this time.
    For sure dream will always be unreal, because dream always not yet exist in the current and often be the things that beyond our capability.
    However, the things that we have now, will never been exist if there is no believe toward the realization of our dreams.
    Just a brief of an opinion.

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