Taking the road less traveled

Few days ago, I watched a TV show, where the host was interviewing a young entrepreneur about her success. One of the interesting part of the interview was her statement that becoming a successful entrepreneur is not only about success story, but also about willingness to devote all the time and energy we have for our business. She said that is not something most people are willing to commit. In fact, even among those who are willing, not all of them can bear the burden of ‘sacrificing’ their whole life for it.

I then tried to look into my life. I never really thought about how my life has taken me to this point, before. Now, when I look at it, I realize that many decisions I have made – decisions that brought me to where I am now – led me through difficult roads in life. While some of those difficult roads were probably unnecessary, which I wish I could have done differently; most of them are probably the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It is still very clear in my mind that those decisions had made me went through a period of feeling lonely, as people around me didn’t understand why I chose to do it. It was a road less traveled. What I see in my vision when I decided to do it, is not most people could see. Did I see clearly that it was the right way?

Well, not really. Did I feel strongly that it is the way I should take? Yes, because I believe that what awaits at the end of the road is what I want. Was I sure that the road I will take is the best route to take? Was I sure it is going to be the right way? No.

No, because these kind of decisions lead me to take the road less traveled.

It is the kind of road most people choose not to take. It is the kind of road that cost me not only time and energy, but also put me away from the ‘common’ life. It is the kind of road I choose to take because I believe there is something special for me. It may not be a road that will bring praise from people around me. It may not make me popular and liked by people. It may in fact make some people hate me.

And it is true.

Having taking this road several times, I’ve learned that it makes me feel somewhat alone. It is also sometimes put me in regrets, since the road is an uncertain path. The uncertainty and anxiety of doing something uncommon or unpopular, put me in exhaustion, or even despair. I know some people who choose to take the road less traveled, and then failed to reach the end of the road because they succumbed to despair.

It is true that when I chose to take that road, I believed that it matters to me, and the ‘sacrifice’ will be paid off eventually. Still, it is tough.

But it is the road where my life values and passion lead me to. It is the road in which I will actualized myself. It makes me a real me. It makes me believe on myself, and live my life because it matters to me, instead of just to appear good in front of others or to be liked by others. It makes me know what the reason of my being.

The road less traveled is the road I must take to realize my truly self. And it only can be done through the difficult challenge in the road less traveled, because through that harsh path, I will face only myself and see who I actually am. It makes me aware who I am, and what should I do to re-actualize myself. Taking the road less traveled lead me to become a better me.

Nobody wants to take difficult road voluntarily. Everyone wants to easy and comfortable way. But, such privilege is not always available. The road  less traveled never comes as a first option. But, often times, it is the best option. In several situations, it is not an option, because it is the only road to take.

It is the road to re-actualize our raison d’etre.

2 thoughts on “Taking the road less traveled

  1. It is tough, indeed.. 🙂

    However, for me, there’s nothing useless (or meaningless) in this world.
    There are consequences behind everything and every decisions. Whether we choose the common road or the road less traveled. Whether being a rich person or poor person. Whether being liked by people or being unpopular.

    At last, for me the world is truly fair with its all unfairness 🙂

    Off course, that is my point of view… 🙂

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