It is an end, when…..

It is an end, only when you stop doing it.

When you keep doing it, it might not work, but it is not an end. It might be a failure, or mistake, but definitely not an end.

It might be even disastrous, but yet it is not an end, when you do not stop. Of course if you keep repeating what does not work, it is not a good thing. But it is an investment on possibility.

On the other way around, you can just decide to stop even everything is OK and there is no reason to stop. You can just kill the possibility by intentionally not going to do anything about it.

Now, that is an end.

To end or not to end is about your decision. Do not attribute it to other then yourself. The decision to end something you do is always in your hand. The exception is only when your life is ended, even though you do not want to end it.

So, to end something you do is never really about others, it is really about you.

The same rule also applies on how to not end it.



Any thoughts?

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