Post holiday hitch

Many of us now are in the process of leaving the holiday and going back to the old routine of life. With caution, I would like to precisely pointing out that leaving the holiday is about going back to what we are expected by the society, and leaving a large part of freedom to become who ourselves until the next holiday. A post holiday hitch

I spend the last week in a holiday, a luxury indeed. I spend it at home, being myself, doing what I like, in almost every absolute literal meaning. Yes, I admit few things were not entirely what I had wanted to. Yet, I have lived my ‘me-and-just-me’ version of myself to the largest extent I have experienced so far. So, couldn’t ask for more, I guess.

But holiday is at its end, and I will return to the social reality where I am supposedly work according to my part in the society, be it the workplace, the family, the community, friends or any social roles and ‘social duties’.


I have heard many times the ‘being yourself’ preach on how we should present ourselves. But I can’t help myself not to say how big crap that is. It always a bit uneasy for me to say that such ideal dream – in most occasions – never turn to anything more than day dreams. Many of us actually do not have enough privilege to take materialize their dream, and must choose the demanding social roles. Unfortunately true that for most people, reality indeed sucks.

This issue of getting back to reality is about fear of losing ourselves as we reroute into the daily social setting, as team mates, colleagues, partners, superiors, followers, and many more. This fear should be no wonder, as we the essential meaning of holiday is breaking the routine, and ending a holiday is basically back to the routine.

How to do this without carrying a hidden regret, longing for the freedom of being ourselves we had during the holiday? And survive until the next holiday?

Some had learned to accept that the holiday is the getaway – a temporary one. It is expected to end before reality kicks in. Some others mentally ‘brainwash’ themselves that their routine is not a routine, because it is what they love and a lot of changes are always come in play. So going back to routine is not boring at all, they say.

But honestly, accepting reality is never an easy thing to do. And for sure, all things that becomes routine kills love and definitely tends not to change.

My little piece of insight on how to deal with this post-holiday situation, is to commit on something simple but new. The idea of going back just because it is the reality is definitely de-motivating. The idea of being ourselves – and able to do whatever we love or passionate about – is a bit much of fairy tale for many.

To add a small and simple new part on the routine, will definitely be something everyone can afford. That small and simple new part will help us to hold on ourselves, in the midst of the good old boring life’s routine. It can be just new color for our clothes, or a new hairstyle, or new small thing at work. It could also be new friend, or new book to read, or just a new table setting. It does not matter what it is really, as long as it is simple but definitely new to us.

A new and simple part that always reminds us that we still have control on our life, no matter how strong the social expectation is.





Any thoughts?

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