Few days ago, I read something in Fast Company that suggests that happiness is genetics. It is based on the curious research on Denmark as the happiest nation in the world, and the suggestion was the possibility that happiness is in our blood.

What I am writing about here is not about happiness, or any genetics discussion about it. Instead, I want to write about sadness. When I was writing this, I was in the midst of doubt. A doubt that is close to losing faith. I was sad, and I feel how prevalent that feeling was, and probably still is, when you read this.


I am sure most of us have been through this experience. Experience of losing faith is about being challenged to question our own belief. The easiest way of course is to stay believing what you belief. But life is unkind. Life puts us in many difficulties just as many as good moments we ever had. Sometimes it feels that the unfortunate events force us to see that life does not go well with what we believe.  This makes us losing faith, and that feels painful. This brings sadness.

Being forced to miss our expectation brings frustration. Being forced to experience that life is going against our own belief brings us sadness.

And despite how much we want to hate it and avoid it, sadness is in half part of our life.


2 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. hey James. Sadness is not natural condition of human existence. We have been taught to feel sad, and also angry, fear, and proud. These all are basically illusion. In life, we have purpose. We often fail. But, we don’t have to feel sad. It’s useless. Maybe you can reflect on this writing of mine:

    I wrote that base on my reflections of extreme pain and sadness, that I’ve experienced after the dead of my father. Maybe you can find some insight in it.

    1. yes, it is not natural, but also natural 🙂 It is naturally exist in our emotional side, but its is build through our learning and expectation, which is not entirely natural. What do you think?

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