Time well spent

Just like many other people have experienced in their life, I have gone through a time in my life where I wonder a lot about how I feel about my life. Is it the life I want? Is it a life that I feel happy about? It is in fact very difficult to feel good about life, in comparison to how easy it is to feel what is not yet good about it.

Feel good, or happy, is something that we all think we know, and yet each of us will define it differently. But there is one way that can define what can be felt as good. And this is quite universal in many occasions.

It is good when it is time well spent.


If I go for holiday, and feel I have fun time, it is well spent. If I go to sleep, and I do get a good sleep, it is well spent. If I go to work, and by the end of the day, I solve and fix few things, the hours I had there was well spent.

This very essence of life goodness is reflected in all aspect of life. When we spend our spare time at home, it is well spent if it makes us feel good to be home. If we are doing our laundry, it is well spent when the laundry is finished with no hassle. If we go to movies, it is well spent if the movie is enjoyable.

At work, it is well spent when a meeting generates a useful decision. Good progress on performance and problem solving is definitely another thing that indicate a time well spent. In ironic way, when we want to spend our time to not doing what we supposed to do, it feels good when we managed to do that. It may not be what supposed to be, officially speaking, but it is what we expect, and we feel bizarrely good about it. The fact is clear, time well spent.

It is amazing that beyond all kind of arguments, the most fundamental measurement of a goo life is whether our lifetime is spent for life quality. In business, it is always about whether our work time is spent for result we want to get. In war, it is about whether all the time for battles takes us toward a victory, or, to ironically put it in another perspective, a peaceful end.

Even the weirdest situation where most people think it is a waste of time, if that situation is indeed what we want, then it could end up be a time well spent. If we are waiting for someone that will never return, if that is really what we want, it makes us feel good to wait, no matter how absurd that is for others. If we are doing something most will see as stupid and silly, it will be a time well spent as long as that silly and stupid thing is what we want so badly.

In all occasions, it is about time well spent. And, when we feel confuse about whether we have done the good thing, we can go back the very basic question: is it time well spent?



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