See it through

Understanding your business makes you a sensible manager. Understanding the people in your business makes you an effective and performing manager.

We know understanding people is difficult as people are more complex than other part of the business. But it is important for you to understand your people, nevertheless. This is not to say that you have to be an expert in human sciences. It is merely saying that a business leader or manager must understand the behavior pattern of the people they work with. These people can be superior, customer, teammates, colleagues, partners, or other type of stakeholders who has influence on how business is being done.

So, here are few small tips on understanding the behavior pattern:

  • We need to accept that people are complex. They are simply complex beings, each and everyone of them is similar to a very different and unique building construction in its own. So, it is not really possible to understand someone fully and transparently inside out. Hence, it is also OK that we got surprised a bit sometime on what other people do. But, if you learn to understand their pattern, there will less surprises, and knowing that they are complex will prepare you to anticipate that you will be surprised sometimes.


  • There is always a noticeable pattern of behavior in each person. It is noticeable, because you can see that pattern always come up on certain specific person. This pattern is generally showing a habit of that person. But remember, the pattern is not always logic, or make sense for you. Logical or not for you, it is still a pattern of that person, and that pattern is determining how that person does things. So, you don’t need to be logical, you just need to be observant to see that noticeable pattern in each person you work with.


  • The last part is to understand how the pattern works. The personal pattern is actually showing how the person’s brain and emotion or feelings work. While understanding and explaining complexity of a person is very difficult things to do, to notice the pattern and how it works it is much easier when we rely on our ability to observe. It is a natural process, in which you can sense how certain people behaves in different way. This is what we often called as gut feeling or intuition.

However, to really able to understand how someone’s brain and emotion is working, we need to diligently observing and keep holding our assumption, henceforth we don’t make  early conclusion simply based on our assumptions. In most cases, gut feeling is quite accurate. But, our own thoughts and assumptions sometime ‘force’ the original gut feeling into a perspective or bias that we would like to be the truth. In a way, we neglect the original sensing on the person, and instead using the gut feeling to falsely justified our own assumptions.

So, in simple way, our gut feeling need to be checked against our assumption, to make sure our assumption does not twist our understanding.

So, how far you have practice this? Can you see how you get better in see it through?

Any thoughts?

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