Managing people? Be poetic! Tell stories!!

Business? Ah.. sounds like something that make sense! Managing business? Well, it is something we can use our logic for. People? Ummm…it is something different. It is not really something logical, but also emotional…. Managing people? Hahaha…now it sounds completely emotional to me! Wait the minute…where is the ‘logic’ part? Why it ends with ‘completely […]

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I miss you too, Pak…

Yes James, I miss u so much for a stimulating conversation. Unfortunately, tmrw I hv to go to hospital at 10:00 WIB. I don’t know when it wl be finished. Thank. Itu jawaban SMS dari Pak Ino tanggal 27 Agustus 2012. Itu SMS terakhir dari dia yang masih ada di handphone saya. Waktu itu, saya […]

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Taking the road less traveled

Few days ago, I watched a TV show, where the host was interviewing a young entrepreneur about her success. One of the interesting part of the interview was her statement that becoming a successful entrepreneur is not only about success story, but also about willingness to devote all the time and energy we have for […]

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