Today, I spent more than an hour of my afternoon time for cooking some foods for lunch and dinner. I realized that it’s been a while since the last time I cook my meals by myself. My wife is great in cooking…and she cooks better and faster than me. Obviously my name is not the first name to be appointed as the ‘home chef’, especially on working days….hahaha…… Only during a rare occasion such as today when I’m staying at home, and my wife still in her working day….I must run the kitchen by myself.

There was an astonishing feeling right after I’m done with this ‘kitchen fiesta’. I’m not sure I’m a good cook, but I like cooking……It gives me the sense of life…..The heat, the smell, and all the spices……the taste when it’s done….and the realization that you made it for yourself, by yourself……

Not to mention that the way I cook tells me about myself……..it’s a celebration of my life, and the way I cook showing how grateful I am to be alive, and how I translate that gratitude in a way that nourishing my life forward….I’m happy to be alive and well so I can cook something I like, I’m happy to eat something I cook by myself…..It simply a very indulging process to savor……

Perhaps it’s true, that the greatest pleasure in life is enjoying every moment we go through and everything we do…..



2 thoughts on “…cooking….

  1. hehehe….
    let us cook together then…
    let me tell you cooking is a great activity to fill our free time, cause it so insightful, and there is so many positive thing in that activity….and of course the most one is learning effect of cooking….

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