Democracy and The Dark Side of Men (via Rumah Filsafat (The House of Philosophy))

A nice piece from my friend, Reza. It’s a good reading for those who are in a temporarily frustration with democracy : )

Democracy and The Dark Side of Men Technorati Tags: demokrasi,manusia,sisi gelap,filsafat,filsafat politik Democracy and the Dark Side of Men By: Reza A.A Wattimena It is an ancient wisdom that said; men have both light side and the dark side. Men are a fighting arena between two ancient powers, namely light and dark. This is an eternal fight. The winner will determine the character of the related person, either he/she will be good, or on the contrary, will be bad. Political philo … Read More

via Rumah Filsafat (The House of Philosophy)


Any thoughts?

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