Happiness, who own you?

Happiness is a question of perspective - Glück...
Image by alles-schlumpf via Flickr

Clouds in the sky
Wind blows through the night’s thin air
The full moon on my window
People next door watching TV
O please tell me how life is alive

Seeds are growing
Soil and water
The harvest in a long wait
When will be the time
For us to cherish the arrival of golden grains

Happiness we earn
Good weather is a gift
Joy comes from them
Is either mine or not mine
I don’t know which one to own

I do know what to indulge
Just like I savor a shortcake for breakfast
And a cup of tea to steal a bit of sweet
Somehow it just taste good
Though I know not why sweet is sweet
It’s not in me, yet none of myself would object to it

I’m full of everything
And I’m nothing
I have everything
And nothing is really mine

Folks and fellows
Who will you seek
When life is calling for your words of wisdom
One you need, one you have none
Friends and families
What will you say
When things no one has
Are things we need most

We are every one of us
And we are no one
We have everything
And nothing is really ours

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9 thoughts on “Happiness, who own you?

    1. Hahahaha….well, this is an attempt in a poetic way 🙂 Having said that, whether searching is really searching can be an poignant question.
      The good thing about poetic expression is that it is far greater than verbal logical expression. It’s intuitive and complex delivery of existence.

      1. that’s true. Poetry is the most rich expression of our existence. It can capture more than just the the rational and logical forms of thinking. It explains our being.

  1. I think the paradox logic, and the world view which is based, have to be teach from elementary school as a foundation of thinking. And I also think, that our whole educational system have to be based on the awareness of paradox of human life and reality itself. Just a thought though! 🙂

    1. My only consideration about that is a technical aspect: Whether elementary school children’s brain and cognitive pattern are ready for paradoxical construction. As you may already know, even adults are not always capable to digest it 🙂

      I however strongly advocate that children foundation of thinking should be developed based on the schematic cognitive process, rather than verbal memorizing (like the one we have in this country).

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