Crazily successful or …. successfully crazy!

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There are times when crazy idea is bad, and good planning is the only good thing. There are also moments where crazy idea decided the course of history, and smart planning was everything but influential. What about now?

I say, it’s the time for both crazy idea and smart planning to rule collaboratively.

We live in the age where technology and network expand possibilities for almost anything. One among those is possibility to put ideas into reality. Ideas have never been this valuable.

In the old times, only those with the privilege of power and wealth has much possibility to put their idea into significant action, enterprise or even written piece available to public. Now, everyone can write their own book and publish it in a variety of means. In the old times, only public figure had their profile featured in media. Now, almost everyone can make his or her own public profile. Two decades ago, knowledge and information are things we could only retrieve from books or printed products we bought. Today, we have Wikipedia, and sometimes even free e-books. Today, every idea, whoever hatch it, matters. Any idea counts, because any idea has the possibility to take forms in reality.

Still, when everyone can throw his or her idea, we will have ocean of ideas. So, it’s very reasonable that only crazy ideas take most of the attentions. And, the power of an idea to manifest is bigger when it attracts more attentions. More attentions draw more resources to develop idea into actual results.

In such a competitive setting, the issue is not whether an idea is useful or not. In many cases, every idea is useful. What really becomes the issue is how to be noticeably useful. It’s about how to steal the attention, so the right people will notice, and necessary resources for further development will rally around. It doesn’t have to attract everyone. In fact, attracting everyone is overwhelmingly bad move. Too much focus means no focus at all.

Focusing idea on the right people, and knowing how to attract them; that requires good planning. Some may argue that such process needs more than logic, it needs intuition. I couldn’t agree more. However, I see that intuition is always a passionate blend of inspiration and experience. Inspiration emerges as idea, and experiences taught us how to plan in a smart way.

Because crazy idea matters, smart planning has become more necessary than ever. Only crazy ideas attractive enough to invest on, not the common one. Only smart planning can deliver our crazy idea into successful result, not just ordinary plan.

The collaboration between the two decides whether we are going to be crazily successful, ……. or ……. successfully crazy!


6 thoughts on “Crazily successful or …. successfully crazy!

  1. Crazily Successful will happen if collaborative business operation is successfully reach the goal. But, If the operation failed to reach the goal, it’s possible to trigger successfully crazy. It’s all about how to manage our business operation with our business partner(s).

      1. Communication is one of success key for team. When you have an idea, you should share and analyzed it with your team to process your idea to become great plan(s). this is the first critical point, because if you fail in this step, I’m sure the next step will failed. When you share your idea with your team, you must have objectivity and open minded to discuss your idea with your team and process it together with them as team decision. This means that you can realize your idea to a great plan(s) to execute them with lower risk since all team member will said “Everything is under control”. My Point here is how to communicate an idea with the team to get perfect collaborative operation.

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