Kimi, Vettel and performance that are remarkable…

OK. I think it’s obvious that I’m a fan of Formula 1 racing. I have been a fan of Kimi  Raikkonen for a long time, and start to be a fan of Sebastian Vettel around his second year in F1.

Kimi Raikkonen is not the friendliest guy in the race.  He probably doesn’t care about how people think about him. He just that guy who cares about racing, and know how to win. His cold and sometimes stubborn personality, is quite a combination to his wit in exploring different challenges to keep him leading. That, for me, is something definitely interesting.

Sebastian Vettel is humble young guy who just appear in public as he is. He does not present himself as the ambitious fighter like Lewis Hamilton, or serious contender like Fernando Alonso, or the celebrity-style Jensen Button. He is just appeared as a young guy who love F1 racing and very capable in doing it. He always shows a somewhat naive enjoyment of a young racer. A naive expression for someone who already won the title twice.

Both of them are remarkable. Their performances are well noted in F1 history, along with other big names in this racing. But, I see their personality that makes them not just great racer, but remarkable racer.


Kimi used to be a young racer. Now, he’s not that young anymore. However, he shows that his return to F1 after two years in WRC is not just a game of luck. He still races well, still shows his wit in exploiting all opportunities to stay in top three. But he is now more mature in many ways, while keep up his ‘Iceman’ personality who basically doesn’t care about how people see him.

Vettel was very young and considered as one of the rookies few years ago. No one really see him as the contender for the driver title at that time. But, when he won his first F1 driver title, he was just as humble as he used to be when he was a rookie. He faced different challenges to keep his lead, and yest, he managed to climb up to the top three with a lot of impressive hard work and less word.

Kimi and Vettle is remarkable because the do a lot of things with very little bragging and boasting. They do well, and they just consistently show it instead of talking about it. It is true that both of them known for often times using inappropriate language. But I think it shows that they does not really think about how people think about them. They both are somewhat naive drivers with astonishing performance. One is less friendly in the way to show it, while the other is quite nice in doing it.


It was their performance that makes them notable. It is their personalities that makes the interesting. The combination of impressive performance with an interesting personality make them remarkable.

I believe this applies to all kind of performance at work, and perhaps in life.


Any thoughts?

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