Time to wake up

This is the time, fellows. The time which we have hoped never to come, is here, now.

Since the 70’s – 80’s, we all have dreamed for a global world that allows more possibility for everyone, where freedom will be widespread to all people. We dreamt that time, that world will be more connected, and the world will become the global village. We learn that all crisis seems to become world crisis, not just world wars. The issues of global economy, global warming, world peace, and everything else are becoming everyone’s issue.

Or at least, it was forced to become everyone’s issues. As much as we want to deny it, the globalisation of everything stimulates a fatigue toward the ambiguity it brings.

Today, we see stronger and spreading trend of social division, identity-based movement, protectionism, anti-global acts, and any kind of movement that seems to be the offsprings of the old-days’ religion-fanatism, racism, social discrimination, sexism, chauvinism, and alike.

The global information network that was dreamt to be the ground of a new world where clarity and transparency of information provided for everyone, has instead become the fertile soil for the new divides. Instead of bringing people together, we see it provides the stage for escalating deciding conflicts. In the world where popularity is worshipped by leaders, not surprisingly we grown the new generation of populist leadership. The kind of leaders who will do anything to stay popular among the growing emotionally fatigue society who feel utterly dismayed with ambiguous and complex global world.

I am not saying this is only about European and American politics. I ask you to look around, and you will see the same in your closer environment.


Yes, what we have tried to avoid, has approaching us instead. Instead of getting closer to a peaceful unified global society, we are now living in a global connected world that is breathing the thin air of disintegrating ideas.

But, as always, hope is always in getting thinner at times it needed the most. It just have to go through the darkness to find its light. We all just have to accept that it is the time. The time to wake up from the hope of dream, and build a hope to conquer the nightmare.

For those who still not yet accepting this fact, Buona Fortuna!


Any thoughts?

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