Only lights drive the shadow away

We build our business to get what we want. Whatever that maybe.

One of the main reason is to get richer, no argument on that. Other reason would be to show ourselves – our existence – by making something that other people want, and therefore making us known.

There are still many other reasons, but they won’t be far away from getting what we want.

If so, why many businesses let themselves dwell into spinning complexity, that confuse them – and they actually know this. Many said that the complexity is the consequences of growth, in the midst of a complex world we are in. In a world where there are too many interests in play, too many information to screen, and too many technology who can speed up many things; competition and creation has escalate into a monstrous absurd process. This has made many business become unsure what to do, more-risk averse, not decisive, and end up with complex strategy to guide their business.

But, when things become too complicated, doesn’t that mean we should make it simpler? So it won’t simply move people from being confused about the complex condition, to being confused about the new complex strategy?

The drive to grow and win over the future, must inspire everyone in the business to move toward simplicity. Why?

Just like shadows can only disappear when met with lights, only simplicity conquers complexity.



Any thoughts?

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