A driver’s story

This is a short story of taxi driver. Once upon a time, he met a passenger in a rainy night. The destination was a place across the city, and the hours was already late.

The passenger would like to help the driver, to find shortest route, assuming that will be faster route. As the passenger knows his neighborhood, the driver agrees.

Turns out, due to the flood, the shortest route needs much longer time than the farther route. The irony is when the driver decide to take the farther route on the trip back. The farther route has no flood and therefore a faster route.

This story is just one of many stories – stories about unexpected surprises in life.

And, despite how much you don’t like this kind of surprises, it is inevitable part of life. So you have to expect the unexpected surprises. Still, that is the best thing of it: when you can expect it, you become mentally able to anticipate it!

Change itself is not special. But when we change something bad with another new bad thing to replace, then change is just another natural misfortune. What makes it special if we do it to bring something better, when it bring better anticipation for unexpected surprises.

By anticipating the unexpected surprises, you are prepared to reduce the uncertainties. Come what may, you can be ready and prepare for it. And when you are ready, you know there are things you need to find out to face what may come. Know your map, know your ground, then you know manage possibilities. Because logic alone is never enough, you need to have the right standing to deal with whatever is coming.

Just like the driver in the story, the good intention of the passenger was not bad, but did not bring anything good either. But, the driver have prepared for this mentally, so he was not panic. He knows well that his car is ready, and he was clear enough how to quickly pass the flooded area safely, drop the passenger, and get the hell out of there immediately.

Be ready, be anticipative, and be sure of how we do it.




Any thoughts?

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