Beautiful ‘bullshits’

This week, I got a chance to joint many people to observe the solar eclipse. It was great, really. It is not something we can see every year. It is impressive that the moon and the sun aligned in one particular position, and for certain part of the globe, it seems like the moon is covering the much bigger sun.

Anyway, I am not explaining the physics of eclipse here. Definitely not good at it. Physics was never my strength, anyway. It just inspired me.

You see, eclipse has been influencing many people’s life through many things, much more than its actual physical astronomy. It goes to philosophy, art, superstition, popular culture and many other things. While most of these influence or associations are interesting, most of them are not really true.


It makes me remember, just like all the stories and association inspired by eclipse, there are so many things we feel as inspiringly ideal that are not really that true. They usually sounds amazing and interesting, but most of them are nonsense. I call them beautiful ‘bullshits’. I got few things I quickly remember today.

Beautiful bullshit no 1: We need to live upon principles, such as faith, belief, values, culture and other things like that.

Yeah, right. So what are those principles really? Those buzz words we have heard and learned? They are just words from others, that sound good to hear, and sometime make sense. No guarantee, though. And when the principle end up doesn’t work with your life, you are on your own. Why? Because the believers of those principles will blame you, rather than questioning those principles.

Beautiful bullshit no 2: We should keep our dreams.

The truth is, how many successfully do that? I think most people adapt their dreams according to the course of life they end up in. They have their dreams, but most of them were than crushed by good parts of life called society, responsibility, greater good, and so on. We have dream of our life, but we have to compromise. The irony is, in many cases, to keep our dreams is a daydream in itself.

Beautiful bullshit no 3: Leaders, parents and bosses are coaches and examples.

Yes, that’s how it looks like in certain occasions. But in reality, some of them can probably give us few things to learn from, especially in the beginning, if we are lucky. The truth is, most of them not really skillful in giving guidance and help others to learn. Most of them still learning to be leaders, parents or bosses. How can we rely on them?


OK, you may agree or disagree. It is OK. Always conform on things that sounds socially correct is another beautiful bullshit, anyway.



Any thoughts?

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