….and we all are what we have

Forfun _MIS9329
Image by forfunphotos via Flickr

Will you follow me, if nothing is clear upfront
will you bear the heat with me, when it strikes so hard till my skin is burned
will you be there when the noise and sweaty days we’ve been through
almost take me out of my sense
while I stretch all muscles and nerves to keep us along and ahead

Because there will be time when I fall in my steps in leading you
there will be time I fail to see what best really means
and your honest words are mostly in need
there will also time where I have to tap your back
so you’ll awake and now that you are derailed
and it’s my duty to pull you back

I will lead as you walk along
and all I ask is for your companion
for I only lead if it is us, not just me or you
or each of us will be just another grain on the plain
and all efforts will be lost in vain

What a wishful thinking it is
To see that it’s no longer you or me, but us
And pains and gains are ours, neither mine or yours
It is what we are
And we all are what we have
Wishful as it maybe, but deep inside we want it to be the only truth
It keeps on the path of hope

Hang in there, fellows
When everything else fails
It is the people who really counts
And we are those people
Since we all are what we have


…. I dedicate this to all folks who work on the line of engaging people in the workplace


4 thoughts on “….and we all are what we have

  1. Very interesting! This is about synergy at workplace, not only engagement. To perform collaboration at workplace successfully, we need synergy as the soul of the teamwork. As a team, everyone have their role(s) which influencing teamwork performance. The first challenge is for the team leader. A team leader must have creativity and capacity to placed the right man at the right place, manage how his/ her team work as solid as they can to perform the best productivity. This is the role of synergy it self. As you know, everyone have their own way to work, even they have SOP and other policies as work guidance. If team members don’t have synergy, the team will fail. So, the second challenge is for the team members, about commitment to work together and give their passion to the team.
    the third challenge is for the team, it’s about their collaboration to reach the goal. In Fact, I see most team failed to reach their goal is BEO Culture when a trouble is occur. BEO (Blame Each Other) is a very destructive culture since this culture will freeze all of teamwork synergy. For the team who get a trouble should discuss the problem and resolved together.

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